Tons of Bat Damage? Learn if Your Bellevue Home Insurance Policy Will Cover It!

The home insurance is theoretically designed to give the Bellevue homeowners with adequate protection against unfortunate circumstances that lead to the damages of their home. Unfortunately, it turns out that the policy also comes with alarming restrictions and limitations. In some cases, it will not cover the damages caused by bats. When you sign-up for a home insurance policy, it is essential to peruse all the sections and clauses of the contract to guarantee that you are protected sufficiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions When Filing for a Claim for Bat Damages

Before you proceed in filing for a claim, you will need to check what type of Washington home insurance policy you are holding. In case you have the ‘named-peril' then you are probably not protected against the damages caused by the nuisance creatures. However, for those who have the ‘all-risk' insurance, then there is a possibility that you can get compensation.

Are Bellevue Bats Excluded in the Policy?

Shrewd observers will normally recognize that there is an exclusion added in the policy. This exclusion can be discovered in the section 1 of the policy. The damages are covered only if it is considered as a physical-loss. The company will not insure the damages that are caused by rodents, vermin, insects, and birds. However, in some instances this may not apply against the damages of the bats. Supposedly, the bats are considered mammals and they are not insects, rodents, or birds. 

Some people may think that they are vermin. Nevertheless, according to the definition of the dictionary, vermin are tiny and harmful animals that are difficult to control. They are also the animals that compete against human and pets at a particular time. Under this definition, bats may not be considered as vermin. 

Will The Bat Damages Be Covered in All Types of All-Risk?

Unfortunately, not all types of all-risk Washington insurance policies will cover the damages caused by bats. This will depend if the bat is specifically listed under the exclusion clause. Some agency may also add the bats in their definition of vermin. This is why it is recommended to read and comprehend the contract before signing it. The policies that follow the form of AAIS have expanded their definition of the word vermin. This means that it will not protect you against the damages that are caused by the bats.

What Types of Damages Will Be Covered?

The home insurance policy is designed to repair the different types of damages caused by the Washington bats. Perhaps the common type of damage caused by the bats is the contaminated insulation materials in your attic due to the excrement of the bats. In order to decontaminate your attic, you will have to remove and replace the insulation materials. The clean-up of your attic may also be covered under your policy. For the bat removal service, the home insurance will not cover you.

Since there are some instances when the Bellevue home insurance policy will not cover you, it is recommended to execute preventative measure that will help you stay away from bat infestation. Consult a wildlife removal company when finding a solution to your bat infestation issue.

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