What Type of Damage to Expect from a Washington Raccoon Infestation

There are various Bellevue animals that can invade your home but none of them can match the destructive behavior of the raccoon. Raccoons are larger compared to your average house cats. They can tear our insulation, and destroy our walls and roofs using their strong paws and sharp teeth. Raccoons in your house are also possible carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans and your pets.

Different Damages That Can Be Caused by the Raccoon

Raccoon removal is half of the entire process. After you managed to get rid of the Washington raccoon, you will have to deal with the system and structural damages. Here are the different types of damages that can be caused by the raccoon

Roof Damages

The Bellevue raccoons will access our attic through our roof. They can get through our roof by climbing trees, fences or the downspout. Once they made it on our roof, they will then tear the soffits, fascia, and shingles to create an entry point. Despite of their size, the raccoon can comfortably enter a hole that is around 4-inches in diameter. On the off chance that the hole is too small, they can use their powerful jaws and claws to enlarge the holes. Roof damages that are caused by this creature should be repaired immediately. Any damages on the roof may lead to structural damages. It may cause water damages and lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

The Damages in Your Attic

Most of the damages caused by the Washington raccoon can be found in our roof and the attic. The raccoon may destroy the materials that are found in our attic simply because they are looking for things that they can use to build their nest. They can tear our pipe insulation, insulation materials, and dry wall. They can create holes in our ducts and build den on our HVAC system. This creature may also chew our electrical wirings which may lead to fire accidents. When calling the help of the wildlife removal service, make sure that they have the necessary equipment to deal with the damages. This way, you will not have to employ the service of the restoration company.

The Health Risk

The Washington raccoon infestation may also lead to different health issues that can affect your pets and other household members. One of the common issues would be rabies. While the possibility of the raccoon carrying rabies is relatively low, it is still best to keep distance from them. Their droppings may carry millions of roundworm eggs. These eggs are too light that can easily be carried through the air. Once you inhaled them, the larva of the roundworm will go through our vital organs. In some cases, it can result to coma.

After you completed a Bellevue raccoon removal, you will now have to deal with the expensive repairs. You need a company that can help you rebuild the structure of your home, and a wildlife removal company to disinfect your house to eliminate the possible threat to your health and safety. 

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