Safest and Most Sanitary Guide to Clean Your Washington Attic of Squirrel Feces

Cleaning the mess that the Bellevue squirrel left in your attic will be an insurmountable challenge. Most people will not be willing to do the cleaning knowing how cumbersome this task is. Apart from that, the dangers that are associated with their feces can increase the difficulty of this task. To help you ensure that your house will remain clean and safe, we will guide you through the entire cleaning process.

Step-by-Step Guide on Cleaning the Washington Squirrel Feces in the Attic

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to completely eliminate the droppings as well as the dangers associated with them. Let us first remind you that you should wear protective gloves, face mask and prepare head lamps since the droppings will usually be found in the inconspicuous areas of our attic.

Identifying the Poop of the Bellevue Squirrel

Start by identifying the droppings of the Washington squirrel. Normally, their poop will be considerably small probably around 5mm. It has the round edge that resembles the appearance of a raisin. The color of their poop may be brown or red depending on their diet. For the adult squirrel, their poop will be a bit lighter. Their excrement is somehow similar with the feces of the rat.

Using Enzyme Spray to Clean the Droppings

It is never recommended to use a mixture of ammonia and bleach when cleaning the droppings of the squirrels. We advise you to purchase an enzyme spray that you can find at the local pet store. You should avoid spending too much money with enzyme sprays since they are available at an affordable cost. Spraying them can help you ensure that the parasites and bacteria will not be airborne. This means that you will not accidentally ingest it.

Start With the Cleaning Process

Remove the soiled and the damaged Washington insulation materials. Use vacuum when removing the latrines. Place all the feces in a bag. If possible double the bag to ensure that the feces will be properly contained. Replace the insulation materials that have been damaged to ensure that the energy consumption of your house will be kept at an optimum level. 

Decontaminating Your Attic

After removing all the droppings in your attic, it is time to decontaminate your attic. This is highly essential to ensure that all traces of infestation have been eradicated. Some wildlife experts will fog your attic using a strong enzyme-based product. This is a product that has the ability to destroy all organic matters and will deodorize your attic.

Finally, you can remove all the stains from the urine and poop of the Bellevue squirrel. You can use a stain remover to bring back the state of your attic in its pristine condition. In case the stain remover failed to remove it, you can use a paint that contains an alkyd-based primer. This is also an excellent way to eliminate the rub marks in your walls. We all know that most of us do not want to complete this laborious and time-consuming task. Fortunately, you may hire the service of the professional wildlife removal agency to deal with the entire process.

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