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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Bellevue! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Bellevue, WA. In our area, there are a number of wildlife animals that can pose a risk to you and your family. We have had customers who have had rat colonies in their basement, back colonies in their attic, snakes in their shed, birds in the walls of their home, and skunks in their garden. There is a diverse group of wild animals in this area, but our technicians know exactly what to do to safely and effectively remove them each and every time. This is why we are considered the #1 Wildlife service in the area. No animal is either too big or too small for us. It doesn't matter whether you have one skunk or 500 bats, we know exactly what to do to get them out and keep them out. We not only remove animals, but provide professional grade building repairs. This make sure that those animals don't get back in. We have a trained team of professionals that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We get that you may have problems with bats at 4 AM or that a squirrel may be in your kitchen at 10 PM at night. You need someone to assist you right then, and that is what we do. We make providing exceptional care to our customers our first priority, and this is why you know that the job will be done right every time you call. We have a staff waiting for your call, so give us a call today. Call us now at 425-209-0585 for your Bellevue wildlife control needs.

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Bellevue Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Washington Opossums and ALL About Their Reproduction Habits!

Marsupial creatures are animals that belong in the family of Marsupiala. This will include the Tasmanian devil, koala, kangaroo and the Virginia opossum. After the short gestation period, the mother opossum will give birth to a baby opossum that resembles the appearance of the fetus. She will then nurse the infant in her pouch for 2-3 months. As it grows, it will spend most of its time at the back of its mother.

The Mating Habit of the Bellevue Opossum

The reproductive system of Washington opossums has fascinated the experts for ages. In fact, this has led to the birth of numerous myths about their copulation. Some people used to believe that the male opossums will mate with the female species through their nose. The female will then deliver her infant using its nose. Fortunately, this is not true. 

Reproductive System of the Opossum

Perhaps the reason behind this belief is due to the fact that the baby opossum is too small that it is actually challenging to witness their birth. One moment, the pouch of the mother opossum will be empty. After this, they will insert their nose inside their pouch and create a sneezing noise. Once you examine it, you will notice that there are tiny bodies inside the pouch. The shape of the opossum's penis is also unique that it may appear like it perfectly fit the nose of the female opossum. 

Since the placenta of the Washington mother opossum is not completely functional, the development of the fetus will proceed outside of their womb. These little marsupials are in fact in its embryo stage. Once they are born, they will have to make their way to the pouch of their mother. 

Breeding Season

The mating season of the opossum will start in December and will extend up to the month of October. Most of the infant will be born in February-June. The mother opossum may have 1-3 litters annually. When they are mating, the male opossum will produce the clicking sound that aims to attract the female species. The estrus cycle of the female possum will last at around 28 days. During this time the mating may happen. In case the mating was successful, around 20 baby opossum will be born after 13 days. 

How Opossums Raise Their Joeys

The young Washington opossum will stay inside the pouch of the mother at about 2 1/2 months. After 3 months, they will start learning skills that will help them survive in the wild. In case the baby was accidentally separated to the mother opossum, it will create a sneezing noise to alert the mother. The young opossums will be weaned at an average of 3 months. They can then survive on their own after 4 ½ months. During this time, they may grow up to 9 inches in length (minus their tail). After a few months, they will reach their sexual maturity and will start the breeding cycle all over again.  

The Bellevue breeding season will expose the opossums into two dangers. Since the male species have to travel great distance to find their potential mate, they will be highly at risk to the dangers of predators and vehicles. On the other hand, the female who are raising her young opossums will not have the ability to run quickly to escape the predators.